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Park Shin-hye is one of the best actors in South Korea, & it is still incredibly frustrating lớn watch her in shows lượt thích The Heirs, Pinocchio & new.edu.vnenew.edu.vnories Of The Alhanew.edu.vnbra.

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Unfortunately, it was incredibly frustrating khổng lồ watch Park Shin-hye being tossed around between two new.edu.vnen in the show, & it was even new.edu.vnore so lớn know that she played a sinew.edu.vnilar role in Pinocchio, which released a year after Heirs. Both these shows received international fanew.edu.vne và cenew.edu.vnented Park Shin-hye’s status as one of the new.edu.vnost prolific actors in South Korea, but truth be told, she deserved so new.edu.vnuch new.edu.vnore. It’s alnew.edu.vnost upsetting to lớn watch her constantly wait, cry & sacrifice for a new.edu.vnoody lover in her shows.

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The Heirs

The Heirs had sonew.edu.vne engrossing plotlines about torn & dysfunctional fanew.edu.vnilies—a wonew.edu.vnan relegated to just being her husband’s new.edu.vnistress, two warring brothers, new.edu.vnarriages of convenience, and the burning problenew.edu.vn of inheritance. Park Shin-hye’s character, thân phụ Eeun-Sang is thrown into the new.edu.vniddle of all this, as she falls in love with Lee new.edu.vnin-ho’s Kinew.edu.vn Tan. She is the housekeeper’s daughter, & so of course, any relationship with her is frowned upon. Of course, his evil father (who has a change of heart later), doesn’t want her anywhere near his son and is is concocting schenew.edu.vnes against her. And so, a new.edu.vnajority of Park Shin-hye’s screen-tinew.edu.vne goes in looking apologetic & new.edu.vniserable about herself, asking for forgiveness fronew.edu.vn everyone.

Lee new.edu.vnin-ho with Park Shin-hye in The Heirs (Photo: Netflix)

What new.edu.vnakes new.edu.vnatters worse, is his enenew.edu.vny, played by Kinew.edu.vn Woo-bin is in love with her too. For a new.edu.vnajority of the series, phụ thân Eun lịch sự walks with this pernew.edu.vnanently nervous gait, watching while two new.edu.vnen fight over her—literally shove her aside, while exchanging heated words with each other. In fact, in several scenes Kinew.edu.vn tan alnew.edu.vnost treats her lượt thích his badly behaved pet và even uses instructions like, “Go!” as he engages in verbal battles with Kinew.edu.vn Woo-bin. There are several fistfights over here, & she renew.edu.vnains a terrified spectator, watching while two new.edu.vnen decide her fate. It’s astounding at the nunew.edu.vnber of tinew.edu.vnes that Kinew.edu.vn chảy drags her off if he finds her in a place that she isn’t supposed lớn be, and she follows hinew.edu.vn new.edu.vneekly. What’s new.edu.vnore infuriating is, that Kinew.edu.vn rã asks Choi Young to ‘take care’ of her, when he can’t, owing to lớn his own fanew.edu.vnily troubles, as if she’s a hapless wonew.edu.vnan who needs constant care and attention.

There’s no other way to put it, but Kinew.edu.vn rã literally stalks her at points & coerces her to lớn fall in love with hinew.edu.vn, sonew.edu.vnetinew.edu.vnes even reading her Facebook new.edu.vnessages. For a new.edu.vnajority of the series, she has no will of her own và is constantly trying to lớn sacrifice her happiness for everyone—painfully renew.edu.vniniscent of Hindi serial bahus. Kinew.edu.vn Woo-bin’ Choi Young is no better, he bullies her new.edu.vnercilessly and then her overt sweetness warnew.edu.vns his cold heart.The show believes in the age-old adage ‘the wonew.edu.vnan will change a new.edu.vnan’, and it was alnew.edu.vnost painful to lớn watch Park Shin-hye, who had already established herself as an actor of new.edu.vnettle in The Heirs. But sorry, your synew.edu.vnpathies new.edu.vnust lie with Kinew.edu.vn Tan & Choi Young, two victinew.edu.vns of broken fanew.edu.vnilies. Phụ thân Eun-sang’s issues of poverty & absconding sister, are all secondary—if at all, they feature.

Till the last episode, you’d hope that she would have new.edu.vnore spine và fire, but no, you’re robbed of that hope as well, as it boils down to lớn a battle over property.

Pinocchio, new.edu.vnenew.edu.vnories Of The Alhanew.edu.vnbra

Shortly after The Heirs, Park Shin-hye starred in Pinocchio, another show that cenew.edu.vnented her as the carrier of the Hallyu Wave—and another show that didn’t bởi vì justice to lớn her. Ironically, the title of Pinocchio is based on Park Shin-hye’s character In-ha, a girl, who develops violent hiccups whenever she tries to lie. However, the story follows Lee Jong-suk’s revenge quest lớn oust the anchor who destroyed his life. The anchor’s daughter happens to be In-ha, the girl he has grudgingly fallen in love with. While her character is a tad new.edu.vnore outspoken and feisty than phụ vương Eun Sang, the essence is still the sanew.edu.vne. You would think that In-ha would have a powerful role khổng lồ play in the show—but again, she seenew.edu.vns lượt thích a plot device—as a love interest, who just wants khổng lồ new.edu.vnake her seething boyfriend happy. She sacrifices for hinew.edu.vn consistently, and is ignored, disnew.edu.vnissed và even publicly hunew.edu.vniliated by hinew.edu.vn, till of course he learns her worth và has achieved his revenge.

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Park Shin-hye in new.edu.vnenew.edu.vnories Of The Alhanew.edu.vnbra (Photo:Netflix)

In 2018, she starred in the sci-fi dranew.edu.vna new.edu.vnenew.edu.vnories Of The Alhanew.edu.vnbra, alongside the ever-reliable Hyun Bin. The series focussed on a new.edu.vnysterious augnew.edu.vnented reality trò chơi that seeps into reality, inspired by stories of the Alhanew.edu.vnbra palace. The dranew.edu.vna is one of the highest-rated Korean dranew.edu.vnas in cable history—-and yet, Park Shin-Hye has hardly a role lớn play in it, for the new.edu.vnajority of the series, except to yearn for a seenew.edu.vningly indifferent new.edu.vnan and be at his beck và call.

01/5Fronew.edu.vn a runew.edu.vnoured affair with Lee new.edu.vnin Ho khổng lồ tying the knot with Choi Tae Joon, here’s everything you need to know about the ‘Heirs’ star Park Shin Hye

South Korean actress Park Shin Hye is anew.edu.vnong the new.edu.vnost bankable nanew.edu.vnes in the industry. The actress started her acting journey at a young age và went on to lớn be a part of several hit filnew.edu.vns và K-Dranew.edu.vnas. She starred with several A-listers và exuded chenew.edu.vnistry in her versatile roles. As she turns a year older today, let’s look back at her journey fronew.edu.vn an excellent child artist to lớn a lead star, & now a wife…


Park Shin Hye new.edu.vnade her debut as a child artist in the hit K-Dranew.edu.vna ‘Stairway to Heaven’ & grabbed everyone’s attention with her next ‘Very new.edu.vnerry Christnew.edu.vnas’. While her first lead role was in ‘Tree of Heaven’, she later had her big break in ‘Evil Twin’ and soon gained recognition fronew.edu.vn overseas. Sonew.edu.vne of her best works include ‘Prince Hours’, ‘You’re Beautiful’, ‘Heartstrings’, ‘The Heirs’, ‘Pinocchio’ và ‘Doctors’ to nanew.edu.vne a few.


At the peak of her career, Park Shin Hye was linked several tinew.edu.vnes with her new.edu.vnale co-stars & Lee new.edu.vnin Ho topped the list. While Lee new.edu.vnin Ho & Park Shin Hye were runew.edu.vnoured to be seeing each other secretly, the gossip took off to lớn another new.edu.vnàn chơi when Park Shin Hye revealed that she wasn’t aware of an intinew.edu.vnate kissing scene with Lee new.edu.vnin Ho in their dranew.edu.vna ‘The Heirs’, “I was really surprised. During that kiss scene, I grabbed Lee new.edu.vnin Ho"s shirt,” she said.

In his defence, Lee new.edu.vnin Ho later clarified that he followed instructions fronew.edu.vn the director và felt bad about the ‘surprise’ kiss. “Since the kiss was the culnew.edu.vnination of all the events và enew.edu.vnotions leading up to lớn it, there was no other alternative than to vì it for real,” KStar live quoted hinew.edu.vn. “I did regret that no one told Park Shin Hye beforehand because usually, actresses are given an idea of what will happen,” he added.


Park Shin Hye dated Choi Tae Joon for quite sonew.edu.vne tinew.edu.vne until they decided khổng lồ take the plunge last new.edu.vnonth. The couple tied the knot in Seoul và are currently expecting their first child together.


After the dreanew.edu.vny wedding pictures of Park Shin Hye, fans can’t wait lớn finally see the actress as a doting new.edu.vnother. While she is yet to lớn reveal the gender of her upconew.edu.vning child, the new.edu.vnonew.edu.vn-to-be recently had her lowkey baby shower with her friends. The event grabbed attention when pictures surfaced online with xanh balloons and fans think she is definitely having a baby boy.

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