Cry Me A Sad River ( 悲伤逆流成河)

So last night i"ve watched the film version of Cry Me A Sad River. At first i didn"t know that it was a novel adaptation, but since i liked it so much after watching, i kind of Googled about the film và found out that it is a novel adaptation by Guo Jingming, and a drama series will be aired too later, with different casts (although i wish they kept the same cast "cause the film casts have captured this girl"s whole heart especially Yi Yao and Gu Sunxi) và a little bit different plot.

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Of course when it comes to adaptation it"s going to be a little bit or a lot different from the novel itself. Like in the novel , there are sensitive issues lượt thích suicide, abortion & teen pregnancy that not all audiences could take it. I didn"t read the novel but i am aware on how the story goes in the novel. So when i watched the film, there are aha moment that i said "oh they"ve changed the character development." or "Oh the ending is different from the novel!". Anyhow, i do like the film version more. I even wish they could make this film version as the drama version instead. Anyway, let me tell you about the story, not based on the novel but based on the film, okay? I"m going khổng lồ tell everything lol, so if you don"t want spoilers, please read this after watching.
So, the story is about Yi Yao, a high school student who lived with her mother. Through some flashback we could see that when her father was still alive, they were a happy family. I guess everything"s changed after the dad died, that lead to financial issue or something because the mother now treat Yi Yao not like she used to & kept saying don"t ask her for money etc. We get introduced lớn Yi Yao"s neighbour, Qi Ming, a popular & smart student at Yi Yao"s school. He is shown as nice khổng lồ Yi Yao, compared to lớn his mother that looked at Yi Yao"s family with raised eyes, which annoyed me really, "cause just because you live better doesn"t mean you can look down on people above you bla bla. At the beginning of the story, Yi Yao complained lớn her mother that she doesn"t feel well in her stomach but her mom ignored her, thinking that Yi Yao"s giving an excuse lớn get money from her (Really? What kind of a mom are you?).
While Yi Yao going to lớn the hospital, Qi Ming was in an award ceremony in which the beautiful và kind Sunxiang captured his eyes. Qi Ming và Sunxiang stood next to lớn each other on stage to lớn receive the awards with other recipients. While receiving the award và a bouquet of flower, Qi Ming accidently shoved the flowers on Sunxiang"s face, to lớn which Sunxiang reacted suspiciously. Turns out she is allergic khổng lồ flowers and Qi Ming then brought her to lớn the same hospital that Yi Yao went that time. Speaking of Yi Yao, she found out that she contracted STD disease (it wasn"t mentioned what the disease was, maybe aids or HIV?). She couldn"t believe the diagnosis và kept telling the doctor that she"s still a virgin và would never contract that kind of disease. The doctor said it"s rare but possible to get the disease without sexual activity and informed her that Yi Yao need to come for treatment regularly. When the doctor informed her of the treatment"s high price và she need khổng lồ inform her condition lớn her guardian, Yi Yao came out the room running and crying. Going into a lift, there was a boy (my boy over here!!!) in there, silently watching her cry.
At home, Yi Yao hesitantly tried to lớn tell her mother that she"s sick but her mother again thought she"s making an excuse to lớn get money from her. Hearing her mother response, Yi Yao gave up on telling her about her condition. On the way back to lớn his home, Qi Ming stopped by at Yi Yao"s home, asked about how her meeting with the doctor goes. Yi Yao said nothing about her condition & said she"s fine. She saw the flowers on Qi Ming"s bike. Qi Ming gave them to lớn her, saying that the flowers brought him too many troubles. Qi Ming"s mother noticed they were talking and asked him khổng lồ come back home for dinner. She then silently told Qi Ming not khổng lồ get involved with Yi Yao"s family as it will bring him bad rumor.
The next day at school, while looking out the window, Sunxi saw Yi Yao running at the other side of the school"s building, then smiling khổng lồ himself.
The next day, xiaomi mi *pretentiously* asked if Yi Yao is okay and later noticed Yi Yao is hiding something from her. Going back home, Qi Ming told Yi Yao that he will go to lớn a summer camp và wouldn"t be at school for some time. He later offered the money that he stole to her. Yi Yao asked where he got that much money & rejected it. They had a fight because she didn"t want Qi Ming to stain his good reputation because of her. She shoved the money back to him và left. Sunxiang saw what happened & went to lớn Qi Ming. She asked about the summer camp that she will be also going.
On her way khổng lồ the hospital for regular checkup, xiaomi silently followed Yi Yao lớn know what"s going on. Yi Yao changed her mind on going lớn the hospital because of the high medicine expense, and instead went lớn somewhat an illegal clinic khổng lồ get cheaper medicine. She was caught by Xiaomi and yep, this is when everything went downhill. Mi spread a rumor at school that Yi Yao caught a sexual disease. With Qi Ming & Sunxiang not around, Yi Yao suffered bullying from everyone at the school. To lớn be honest, i was wondering where Sunxi at this time because isn"t he supposed lớn be her knight of shining armor? Lol.
There was then a scene where Yi Yao"s bag was in the lake because of the bullying. She got into the lake khổng lồ retrieve the bag but later dragged out from the lake by my boy Sunxi!.
They did skipped school the next day. Sunxi brought her some breakfast and they played around at a playground. Yi Yao asked him why he is with her when everybody else isn"t? Has he not heard about the rumor? Sunxi said he always stick around with his twin sister, now that she"s not around he felt lonely. He later said he heard about the rumor but he didn"t care about it.
Yi Yao took Sunxi"s advice và fought back her bullies at school, which is worked. At some point, Sunxi helped her too (arrgghhh can i get a boyfriend like him too?). One day in the cafeteria, while she was walking on the aisle, a classmate carrying his lunch, walking towards her, tried khổng lồ avoid bumping into her but instead bumped into someone else, causing his lunch to lớn spill onto his uniform. He later stupidly mad at Yi Yao, claiming that because of her he got his uniform dirty. Yi Yao stared at him và took a leave. The classmate angrily asked where she"s going, saying she need to lớn pay for the laundry (really? no wonder you"re a bully. I guess every bully is stupid). Few seconds later, Yi Yao came back into the cafeteria with a large hose, spraying the classmate with water (You go, girl!).
The cafeteria turned into chaos until Qi Ming arrived, which i assumed has come back from the summer camp, and stopped Yi Yao. He brought the hose outside and found out it was Sunxi that turned on the pipe (Bonnie và Clyde, i see *wink wink*).
Qi Ming was mad at Sunxi, claiming that Sunxi has persuade her to vì so. Sunxi said he is a man full of charm (which i happily agree), but Yi Yao is an independent girl, she fought for herself. Sunxi later splashed some water on Qi Ming, causing them khổng lồ have a fist fight.
Later, the school had an assembly, with wounded Sunxi & Qi Ming, lớn remind the students of school violence. The principal aimed at Yi Yao for starting the violence, to which she didn"t take it calmly (of course, tell me who started the fight? But nobody say anything?). The principal"s lecture was interfered by Sunxi, who purposely stepped on the mic wire to stop the principal from lecturing Yi Yao. He got on stage, took the mic và said Qi Ming, the excellent student at that school also violate the rules by fighting with him, in his attempt to lớn direct the blaming from Yi Yao (isn"t he charming?). The principal took the mic back while Sunxi winked và smiled at the smiling Yi Yao.
Because of that, Sunxi was punished by standing outside the teachers" office. Sunxiang came và had a talk with him. Sunxiang said she didn"t know he has made a girlfriend. Sunxi then saved Yi Yao"s number in Sunxiang"s phone, saying that the number is more important than 911 (so smooth, Sunxi). Sunxi told his sister to liên hệ Yi Yao if she needs him *melting*.
Later, Yi Yao was in the bathroom and need a sanitary pad. Her bully and Sunxiang were outside, listening khổng lồ Yi Yao"s request for a pad. Sunxiang was about to lớn give hers when the bully asked her not to, saying that Yi Yao is a virus. Sunxiang, a kind girl she is, gave hers anyway by slipping it through the bathroom door.
Yi Yao went to see the doctor at the illegal clinic that she frequent to. The doctor advised her to lớn get a treatment, which would cost her a lot of money. At home, Yi Yao"s mother was massaging a customer when Yi Yao burst into their house. Shocked, the mother told the customer that Yi Yao is no one & asked him lớn wait while she went outside for a while. Her mother was mad at Yi Yao for coming back home at the time Yi Yao wasn"t supposed to, the time when she was attending her customers. Her mother said the customers must not know about Yi Yao"s existence or else Yi Yao would be the disgusting customers" victim. Yi Yao then begged her mother for money, without knowing the reason Yi Yao needs it.
Then, there was a school trip to a museum involving our leads here with other students. While waiting on the bus, Yi Yao had a stomachache và left the bus for the bathroom. Xiaomi noticed Yi Yao"s unattended bag and later told the bus driver that everybody"s already on the bus. The bus then leaving without noticing Yi Yao chasing it. Sunxi then saw what"s happening and teased her about getting ditched on. Sunxi said khổng lồ not be disheartened by life to which Yi Yao replied the sun didn"t rise from the west (something like the life doesn"t change the way we want it khổng lồ be). Sunxi playfully came lớn the rescue by taking her into his bus instead.
At the museum, Yi Yao stick to lớn Sunxi all the time, khổng lồ which Sunxi asked why she didn"t join her class. Yi Yao said no one said to lớn stick in a class. Sunxi teased her by saying she just want lớn stay with him.
He then saved Sunxiang"s number in Yi Yao"s phone in case she needs him, because his mom always took his phone away. Yi Yao said Sunxi is so different from his twin sister. Sunxi agreed và boasted about his great sister when then they saw Sunxiang walking together with Qi Ming.
Yi Yao had an angry face, the same as Sunxi"s, who noticed Qi Ming had put a jacket on his sister, so he tried lớn put his sweater on Yi Yao too haha.
The *perfect couple* noticed Yi Yao và Sunxi. Qi Ming gave a glance on Sunxi putting his sweater on Yi Yao và asked why Yi Yao didn"t join her class. Yi Yao didn"t say anything but Sunxi instead said Qi Ming didn"t join the class too (savage Sunxi!). Qi Ming firmly asked Yi Yao to lớn join the class. Noticing Yi Yao doesn"t want to, Sunxi replied for her instead, saying no for her, shocked Yi Yao at his defense. They later went into the museum where they"re going to lớn experience an earthquake. When the earthquake strike, Sunxiang hold on tight to Qi Ming while Sunxi hold Yi Yao tight. Yi Yao saw how perfect Qi Ming và Sunxiang is & felt jealous, realizing Qi Ming has feelings towards Sunxiang instead of her. Later, Yi Yao got into her class bus which she was ditched on, và noticed her money is missing. She confronted mi about it & later it was revealed that mi has used all the money on cakes, saying to lớn all the classmates that Yi Yao treat them. Yi Yao couldn"t believe how mi used the hard-earned money to bully her. Mad at Xiaomi"s ignorance, she attacked Xiaomi và spilled her medicine on Xiaomi. Qi Ming stepped in và helped Xiaomi, giving a sharp glance at Yi Yao for what she did.
Later, Qi Ming had a talk with Yi Yao, on how bad she has behaved. Yi Yao poured her heart out, saying everything that happened isn"t fair. Qi Ming asked if she has anything khổng lồ explain lớn him, how she got the disease. Yi Yao couldn"t believe that Qi Ming could think she got the disease sexually. At the same time, the customer of Yi Yao"s mother was taking a shower at their house & grabbed a towel. The mother got mad & said not khổng lồ use that towel (oh no!).
Qi Ming kept implying that Yi Yao was on the wrong, (i couldn"t accept it, but i guess i can"t blame him because he didn"t know what"s going on with Yi Yao? I didn"t lượt thích Qi Ming here because i expected him to lớn understand Yi Yao and be on her side, but he didn"t). Yi Yao said Qi Ming wouldn"t understand her life because he has had a great life compared khổng lồ her. Qi Ming kept telling her lớn look on the bright side và be positive, but Yi Yao said it"s not that she didn"t try, but she can"t, she didn"t ask for that kind of life. We then get a glimpse of how different Yi Yao và Qi Ming"s life is. Later at home, Qi Ming was still in thought of what Yi Yao had told him. Hopefully he"s thinking that he has failed as a friend. Yi Yao on the other hand, threw the flowers Qi Ming gave her into the trash, which i implied that Yi Yao ended her friendship & trust with Qi Ming (it"s okay, darling. You got Sunxi, your knight in shining armor!).
Yi Yao searched on everything in her house for money, when later she found a parcel full of money. (I couldn"t read Chinese so i didn"t know what was written on the parcel, but i guess it"s Yi Yao"s name because once she read it, she fell lớn her knees, feeling guilty). Her mother came back from school after being summoned by the principal và caught Yi Yao stealing her money. Knowing everything about Yi Yao"s disease và "violence", her mother lashed out at Yi Yao, telling her how Yi Yao brought trouble khổng lồ her and asked how she got the disease. Yi Yao said she didn"t bởi anything disgraceful, she always used the same towel. This confession gave a light bulb lớn her mother, that all these times her customer has been using Yi Yao"s towel, so that"s where Yi Yao got the disease. Feeling guilty, her mother took the money & hold Yi Yao"s hand to lớn go lớn the hospital. At the brief moment, Yi Yao felt a mother"s embrace that she hasn"t felt for a long time. Because of that, the next day Yi Yao was seen walking to her school with more confidence.
On her way back from school, Yi Yao saw mi being bullied by her former classmates. Mi threatened Yi Yao not to lớn reveal what she saw. Mi even offered money to lớn keep Yi Yao silent. Yi Yao on the other hand rejected the offer và challenged Xiaomi to keep her silent about it. At home, xiaomi mi texted with someone with hatred on her face (i couldn"t read Chinese, i didn"t know what they"re texting about *sad face*).
The next day, while waiting for Sunxi for their date (heeeeeeeee) Yi Yao got a text from someone asking if she"s Qi Ming"s girlfriend. Sunxi arrived & saw the text, feeling jealous haha. Yi Yao explained that the person might got a wrong number, the text should be khổng lồ Sunxiang. They had this đáng yêu interaction for a while (heeeeeeee) và then Sunxi said that it was Sunxiang"s birthday and she"s probably outside celebrating with Qi Ming. Yi Yao got another text from the same person, Sunxi said not lớn bother and ignore it because it wasn"t for her (listen to lớn the jealous man, Yi Yao haha). Yi Yao instead forwarded the text to lớn Sunxiang.

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While waiting for the bus lớn see Qi Ming, Sunxiang received the text from Yi Yao. A girl rushing khổng lồ get into the bus & spilt her coffee onto Sunxiang. Sunxiang then texted the waiting Qi Ming about it. Later we were shown that Sunxiang went lớn an abandoned building while texting someone. While Yi Yao và Sunxi on a date, Sunxi got a phone điện thoại tư vấn from Sunxiang but couldn"t answer it because his phone died seconds after. We then get lớn see Sunxiang being chased by some unknown guys, which later led to her accidental death (yep, she"s dead). Xiaomi at her home, received a text from someone and looking shocked.
The police retrieved Yi Yao"s phone because now she"s a suspect. Everyone at school including Qi Ming believed that Yi Yao was behind Sunxiang"s death. Sunxi, feeling sad about his sister"s death, asked her not to contact him anymore. Yi Yao"s desperate pleading that she didn"t bởi vì it remain unheard by everyone, including Qi Ming (you"ve disappoint me, Qi Ming).
Because of Sunxiang"s death, Yi Yao"s been bullied even worse. Not having Sunxi by her side any longer, Yi Yao has given up on living. She went lớn a river next to lớn their school khổng lồ commit suicide.
The whole school heard about it & urged everyone khổng lồ go see her. The news reached both Qi Ming & Sunxi, but it passed through them just like that because they"re still mourning on Sunxiang"s death. The students all flocking together by the river, some mocked her and some begged her not to vì it. Sunxi, still sitting at the school, came into his sense and rushed to lớn the river. He tried khổng lồ convince everyone that it wasn"t Yi Yao who texted Sunxiang but nobody seems to lớn believe him.
Sunxi"s desperate plea for Yi Yao khổng lồ get off the river didn"t reach her. Yi Yao then poured her heart out at how much she has suffered from everybody"s bullying. Her confession seems khổng lồ put some sense into some of the bulllies (because of the regretful looks on their faces). Yi Yao later said she didn"t know who killed Sunxiang, but she definitely know who killed herself & then went running into the river.
While Sunxi, which is my boy over here haha, chased after her to save her, the other students panicked because they couldn"t believe what they have done to lớn Yi Yao. Sunxi pulled Yi Yao out và off the river. Other students tried to wake up the unconcious Yi Yao but to no avail (my Yi Yaoooooooo *cries*).
Later, mi was caught by the police for her crime, which is ordering the unknown guys to lớn kill Qi Ming"s girlfriend, which she mistook it for Yi Yao (i don"t think she meant to lớn kill her, but lớn only scare her but it tragically ended with death). The school has an assembly lớn remind their students on bullying. Their teacher wrote a letter about it to lớn the government and the school received wide truyền thông media coverage. The news on TV mentioned that the court would give punishment on that school for Yi Yao"s bullying case. At home, a few people were seen moving things out from Qi Ming"s house (i didn"t know where he went, i don"t care lol) while Qi Ming put a bouquet of flower on Yi Yao"s house window. At the same time, Yi Yao"s mother sold her massaging chair, implying that she wouldn"t vì chưng the massaging job anymore. Sunxi transfered khổng lồ another school (*cries again*) & introduced his name as "the sun that rises from the west", which is the wordplay he always uses lớn Yi Yao (*cries again and again*).
We later see Yi Yao all by herself having her monologue at the lake where Sunxi mistook her committing suicide (yessssss she"s alive!!!), on how lớn embrace grief and not to give up on life regardless of what happened. She saw a flashback of herself & Sunxi after the suicide incident, sitting next lớn each other by the lake.
Sunxi said that Yi Yao should depends on him and then translated his "Sunxi" name as "the sun that rise from the west" or in another word Yi Yao"s hope. Hearing that, she smiled at Sunxi (thank you Sunxi, for being a great guy to lớn Yi Yao *ugly cries*). Out of the flashback, Yi Yao sat by the lake & looked at the spot where Sunxi used khổng lồ sit, when later she saw Sunxi looking at her from a distance (yesssssssssssssssssssss!) và then smiled at him.
I lượt thích the film"s cinematography & direction of the story. I didn"t know about you but the film doesn"t look cheap, và i lượt thích it when the production took cinematography seriously because those things could make the story more appealing & beautiful khổng lồ watch. I love Yi Yao"s monologue too, it doesn"t waste time but instead give us a little glimpse on how it feels to be a victim of bullying. The actress playing Yi Yao nailed it, at least for me. But the characters development a little bit lacking from my opinion, which is why i hope the film is the drama version instead. For an hour-long film, the film made a sufficient & tight plot for audience lớn digest everything that happened, good job on that. I heard that the original novel"s ending is a tragic one, instead of the bittersweet ending that we get in this film. I"m glad the production didn"t follow the original ending because the audiences need khổng lồ learn one thing or two about this story, which is to keep surviving bullying or anything bad that happened in your life, & that there will always be at least someone by your side for you to lớn depend on. I also hope the bullies out there watch this film and at least feel a little regret on what they have done to lớn their victims, or how big of an impact it is lớn be bullied.
On the characters, i lượt thích Yi Yao a lot. I have nothing to lớn say about her other than the fact that she doesn"t deserve all the things that happened, really i feel bad for her. It makes me think does an unlucky person like her really exist in real life? If she was in front of me, i would just hug her all day và patting her on the back, "I"m with you, don"t be sad, keep on living, please". I don"t blame her for the attempt suicide, but also glad that she learnt something from it and then keep on living. Thank you, Yi Yao. I really thank you for keep on living.
On Qi Ming, at the beginning of the film, i lượt thích him because he seems lớn be the only person on earth that genuinely care about Yi Yao, regardless of what everybody else is saying. Also how he was there when Yi Yao has nobody by her side. But as the story goes, he seems like a jerk to lớn me. First, out of all people, Yi Yao trusts him the most because he"s been there for her from the start & though of him as her real friend, but Qi Ming has khổng lồ questioned her disease, defended xiaomi mi which broke Yi Yao"s heart on how he could see her that way. With him making friend with Sunxiang and being away most of the time from Yi Yao, i could see how slowly he became distant khổng lồ Yi Yao. Second, i"m disappointed in him when he told Yi Yao lớn look at the bright side of life, like really Qi Ming? Have you been there in her shoes and experience first-hand on what she"s been through? Third, he was just there standing still when Yi Yao attempted suicide, i expected more from you, Qi Ming. Just because Yi Yao is a "suspect" of the murder, doesn"t mean you should let her die. Okay enough of Qi Ming.
Sunxi, my man lol, is the MVP of this film haha. He was there for Yi Yao, read the recap và you"ll see how much time he"s spent with Yi Yao, and how big is the influence he gave Yi Yao. He was the one lớn advice Yi Yao on fighting back her bullies, he was the one to be there for her regardless of rumor and everything, he was the one lớn take Yi Yao out from her gloomy world, he was the one who save Yi Yao from drowning and assured her she got someone by her side. A knight in shining armor at its best! I don"t blame him when he cut off his tương tác with Yi Yao for a while after Sunxiang"s death. He"s a person too, who need time lớn mourn & heal, especially when Sunxiang is his twin và had always been good to him.
Sunxiang, i like her. She"s not judgemental khổng lồ Yi Yao lượt thích everyone else. She"s a likable character, never done anything bad, & nice lớn everyone. It"s sad and unfortunate that she"s become the victim of Yi Yao"s và Xiaomi"s beef.
Speaking of Xiaomi, i have no idea what"s wrong with her. We didn"t get her backstory in the film so i didn"t know why she is the way she is. She"s a victim of bullying herself, but then bullied Yi Yao. This girl doesn"t learn her lesson. Hate is a strong word but i really hate her character. Glad she got caught at the end, but still i feel like getting caught by police is not enough for what she has done from the start. I feel lượt thích she need to get some lessons from Yi Yao or Sunxi at least. Maybe if we get lớn know her backstory i could sympathize with her a little bit, maybe.
Yi Yao"s mother, i assumed after her husband"s death, she had no one to lớn depend on, she has no choice lớn make ends meet other than taking the massaging job. Despite treating Yi Yao that way, we could see she actually care about her daughter. Her life circumstance turned her that way, so yeah it"s sad. I"m not a mother yet, but through this film i learnt that as a mother, it"s a huge part in your kids" life. Just a little embrace from a mother could give a big impact on the kid"s life. So mothers out there, please let your kids know that you love them.
Throughout the film, one of the girls at school doesn"t seem to like the bullying on Yi Yao, but she just kept silent about it. I thought she"s going to lớn play some role in Yi Yao"s story development, but nope she"s silent till the end lol. Maybe it was just the film"s way of showing that there is someone lượt thích her, who doesn"t lượt thích bullying but at the same time didn"t bởi anything about it.
Overall, i like this film a lot, wish it was longer because i want to lớn see more of Yi Yao and Sunxi"s xinh tươi banter haha. I"m a sucker for dễ thương couple like them. Oh wait, i noticed there"s no kiss scenes in this film. This film is one of the films that doesn"t need kiss scenes lớn portray a relationship lượt thích Our Times and Love You You. I heard about the drama adaptation but i don"t think i"ll watch it because it seems lớn be a little bit different from the film version that i had tattooed in my heart now, and it seems to lớn focus more on Yi Yao"s relationship with Qi Ming instead of my boy Sunxi.
For anyone out there who is suffering the same fate as Yi Yao, i hope you don"t give up on life because life has so much to offer once you get through the unfortunate events. Find someone you can rely on, if you can"t, seek a therapist. Please don"t let the bad side of life consume you, please. To lớn bullies, i really have no idea why you have to bully someone. I can"t say anything because i really have no idea what"s on your mind khổng lồ bully someone. I hope bullies will get bullied back by their boss at work or partner at home, because what goes around comes around, heh.
That"s all for now. If you"re someone that love drama genre like me, this film is a must watch for you. Till then, ciaw!

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A rebellious girl falls in love with a popular role model.

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